Are You a Mentally Strong Person? 10 Things that Build Mental Strength

Are You Mentally Strong?

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I’ve come to the conclusion that I am a mentally strong person and I wanted to share with you how I came to this conclusion, how it’s benefitted me, how I maintain that strength and how you can determine if you too are mentally strong.

If you determine your mind could use a pep talk to become a little stronger, I’ve got some tips for you as well.

How do you picture a mentally strong person? Is it a person who has a strong voice and seems to be worldly knowledgeable? Or is it the person who holds medals and trophies and seems to be a winner in everything?

Perhaps you cannot identify yourself as a mentally strong person because you don’t have what they do. You are just a regular person, or at least that’s how you see yourself.

Being recognized does not instantly confirm you to be a mentally strong person. Likewise, the absence of external validation does not make you weak-minded either.

You may be surprised to find out that you already do have the characteristics of a mentally strong person. See if you can identify with any of the following.

You Are Humble

It is easy and tempting to boast about abilities and achievements. Sometimes, we feel the need for recognition from others for our efforts. But, isn’t it a great feeling when someone acknowledges or praises your efforts without your announcing them? When you don’t even have to do it yourself as somebody else will carry your torch for you.

I love that feeling, when my work speaks for itself and I receive not only recognition but leads from my peers.

It is even better when you don’t need vindication from others. When you know that what you do is meaningful, and more importantly, that you are a worthwhile person, this is mental strength. You do not need to flaunt your competence. From this mind space, you naturally recognize and acknowledge the people who helped you achieve your success.

Being humble also involves admitting your mistakes and accepting the consequences. You know that doing so does not make you less of a person. On the contrary, facing the consequences of your shortcomings proves you a strong-minded person and gives you the opportunity to make up for what you did. You defend yourself but do not blame others in order to cover up your shortcomings.

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You Are Forgiving of Yourself and Others

If admitting mistakes is a sign of mental strength, so is forgiving one’s self. You accept that you have your limitations and that even the most prepared and most capable can still fall short of their own expectations. Despite any setbacks, you have the courage to stand up again. You do not define yourself by your perceived failures.

In the same manner, a mentally strong person also knows how to forgive others. You move past your pain and disappointment and understand others’ shortcomings. As you forgive yourself and others, you look forward and not backward, forging on towards your goals.

You Accept Challenges

A mentally strong person takes setbacks not as a nuisance but a challenge. They drive you to push harder and to try other possibilities rather than dwell on the obstacle. You fight past your limitations and are willing to try even if there are risks involved.

For you, to try means a chance to win, and not trying at all is an acceptance of failure. You know that you miss every shot you don’t take. You prefer to face a competitive opponent rather than face a weak one because of what you will gain from it.

While you are a fighter, you also know when to give up. Despite not reaching your goal, at least in the form you envisaged, you are still satisfied because you know you did your best. You do not harbor bitterness over losses.

You Remain True to Your Ideals and Values

The integrity of a mentally strong person is always intact. Despite your passion to win, you do not compromise in exchange for an unmerited gain. You play fair rather than resort to deceitful schemes for a quick advantage. As you stand on your principles and the truth you believe in, you are willing to wait and to suffer for a cause if needed.

You Do Not Let Your Emotions Control You

A strong-minded person does not let their emotions rule them. As such, you endeavor to think rationally and try not to lose your temper. You feel bad about misfortune, but do not resent the incident nor hold grudges against the person or circumstances who may have caused you pain. Despite the pressure and discomfort, you maintain your composure.

The Strong Person That You are

Being mentally strong does not require you to be a superhero or that you need to know everything, be all-capable, or be infallible. It is fine to have your share of “I cannot” and “I did not” moments.

You may have committed mistakes but you are ready to correct those and have forgiven yourself. You have made allowances to other’s shortcomings. The obstacle may be high but you are working to get past or through it. You did not bend the rules and have tried to think straight even if you are hard-pressed.

That’s what makes you a mentally strong person.

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What Being Mentally Strong Taught Me

Being mentally strong has helped me so much when I held corporate positions. I was in control of my emotions, I fessed up and gave no excuses when I messed up and I worked hard to make sure my work spoke for itself.

When it was time to move on, I did so with grace and before my reputation took any kind of hit. I’m one to move on from positions when I feel I can no longer grow in the position or offer the best service to the role.

I’ve been appreciated and given grace when I messed up before because of how I handled situations and I’ve been recommended for key positions and opportunities more times than I can count all because of being in control of my emotions.

I’ve had bosses and colleagues thing that I don’t care when put in a tight position because I’m not going crazy but irrational reactions never got anyone anywhere. If there’s a fire, I am not the one running around hysterical. My brain is going at 1000 in problem-solving mode. If I have analyzed the situation and decided upon a way forward, then that’s the next step. Why get all riled up and put on a show?

This is my reminder to you that you may not be able to control your immediate environment but you alone can control how you respond. Keep calm and carry on. It cannot rain forever.

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Things That Help to Build Mental Strength

If you’re wondering how you can build your mental strength, try a few of these exercises that help me tremendously.

Spend some time alone

If you are used to going at full speed all day long and are always focused on doing what needs to be done for others, you need to take some time for yourself each day to decompress. Set aside time for yourself during which you relax and think only about yourself and your needs. This can lower your stress level and promote a more positive mental outlook.

Keep a gratitude journal

I am all about journaling. Make a daily habit of writing down at least three things for which you are grateful. Focus on what you were able to accomplish or made you happy each day to keep your outlook positive. Thinking thoughts of gratitude attracts more things for you to be grateful for.

Attend to your spirit

Whether you are religious or not, your spirituality is a part of your mental wellness. Connect with what you believe to be significant on a regular basis to take care of your spirit.

Get Your Stress Under Control

We each handle stress differently, and what you may find relaxing is likely different from someone else. But, find what works for you and get your stress under control. Yoga, Tai Chi, exercise, keeping a journal, and spending time outdoors are some stress-busting activities you can try.

Spend more time outside

Spending 30 minutes a day outside has been proven to improve mood and promote healthier emotions. Walk through your neighborhood, spend time in your local park, get out into the hills, or ride your bike around the community, go take a dip in a river. Spending time outside reduces depression and boosts well-being.

Practice meditation and relaxation techniques

Deep breathing exercises, meditation, and other forms of relaxation are effective ways to reduce stress and promote better sleep. Meditation, once you learn the basic technique, is a simple strategy you can do in many different places and can provide you with inner peace and focus in a short time. Meditation along with journaling has been one of the biggest factors helping me to maintain a slow response to wrath. Here’s a great journal to start with.

Walk away from the screen

Virtual interactions on your phone, tablet, or computer screen are no substitute for the real-life relationships you have. Get out from behind your screen regularly to talk with and enjoy the company of people in real life, and you will feel more connected to humanity.

Be sure you are getting plenty of sleep

Without proper rest, your mind and body can start to suffer ill effects rather quickly. Lack of sleep leads to depression and anxiety as well as confusion and overall cognitive impairment. When you don’t sleep enough, you just don’t feel like yourself, so be sure you are getting plenty of shut-eye.

Pay attention to what you are and are not eating

Your diet has a profound effect on your mental wellness. Not only can eating unhealthy foods affect your body, but they also disrupt your sleep, rob you of energy, change your mood, throw your hormones out of balance, and lower your immune system. All of these can leave you feeling lethargic, sad, and confused. Build mental strength by eating healthy foods, including those high in vitamins and minerals as well as healthy fats, which your brain needs.

Give selflessly

Volunteering your time or donating to a particular cause provides you with a sense of accomplishment and purpose. When you help someone else in this world, it makes you feel pride and positivity, which promotes mental wellness.

Volunteering is also a reminder that you’re not alone in this world when it comes to people facing hardships.

There are countless other things you can do to promote mental strength. I read a lot and prioritize my personal development by consuming content aimed at making me a better person.

Selfcare isn’t selfish. Making yourself better is a benefit to those around you. I hope that this list either showed you just how mentally strong you are in a time when we all need that strength while giving you a few tips to help you maintain that strength so we can all get through this, together.

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