5 morning tips for the non-morning person from a night owl who's tried it all.

5 Effective Morning Tips: How to Wake Up Pumped for Your Day

I am not a morning person by any stretch. But as someone who works from home full-time, I need all the morning tips to help with my productivity. I’ve been doing this for a while now, here’s how I wake up in the morning motivated and ready for a good day.

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Effective Morning Tips to Become a Morning Person

My Best Morning Tips for a Good Day

I have read countless books (this is a good one) on how to become a morning person (this one is my favourite) and I admit that my day gets off on much better footing when I do wake up early, but mornings just are not my forte. Even with that knowledge and the general feeling of prosperity when I do manage to knock things out early, it isn’t enough to sustain a habit.

So now what? Well, I’ve managed to find a few things that work for me. I hope you’ll find these morning tips useful and they help you to wake up in the morning feeling super pumped!

White Tulip Shaped Dress with Pockets
I woke up early this morning, honey! To this beautiful Jamaican sunshine. Love a dress with pockets?

1. Carve out your “me” hour

Books that I have read on becoming a morning person, suggest that I wake up early to do things like reading, journaling, exercising and meditating before I tackle my day. These are things that definitely set the tone for my day and I want to do them, but I can’t promise you I will be waking up at 5 am to get them done.

So I’ve decided to carve out the hour between 8-9 am when I get these things done. Thankfully, my prior job didn’t get going till 10 am so this was a luxury I could afford. As a WAHM, this still applies. After I get the kid ready and out the door, it’s me time and I make good on bettering myself during this hour. If you work a 9-5 then the next tips may work better for you.

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2. Wake up in the morning just 10 minutes earlier

5 am is a startling time for me to wake up. It’s a big difference from my usual 6 am which even that often gets pushed back to 6:30 am. How about then, setting your alarm just 10 or 15 minutes earlier? This way, you can at least slow down the hectic pace of your mornings and take the extra time to do things you enjoy.

Maybe for the extra few minutes, you’re taking a longer, more luxurious shower while thinking about the tasks you’re tackling for the day.  Or with the extra minutes, you’re preparing breakfast that you usually skip or reduce to sugary cereal because you don’t have the time.

You could even do 10 minutes of jumping jacks or read a chapter from your favourite book. Whatever it is, I bet you’ll find those extra few minutes very helpful.

Looking like I look when I wake up in the morning pumped!

3. Find pockets during your mornings that you can steal away

My mornings go something like this: wake up, put on the kettle for breakfast (oatmeal and tea) prepare breakfast then wake up munchkin when breakfast is ready. At this time, I sneak away while she’s eating breakfast to meditate or write in my journal.

Now this time may not work for you since many people use the time at the table to connect with loved ones before rushing them through the door. I take this time for myself however since the kid and I get that valuable time during the commute to school, when I pick her up from school in the evenings and later again when we’re preparing dinner.

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4. Prepare from the night before

This one is a no-brainer but sometimes we need that reminder. Do some things ahead of time that will clear the way for other things in the morning. Things like half preparing breakfast from the evening before, selecting your outfit for the day and ironing or cueing up your workout tape, podcast etc that you will watch or listen to in the morning will help a great deal.

Remember to also get in a good night’s rest. Coupling this tip with your extra 10 minutes finds you a lot more pockets during the morning where you can steal away. It all goes hand in hand.

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Effective Morning Tips

5. Double duty activities

Find moments where you can do two things at once that will leave you with a little extra time for those moments where you need to just stop and be in the moment. If one of your morning productivity items includes listening to a podcast then put it on while you’re preparing breakfast or exercising. Read a few pages while you’re eating breakfast.

Write in your journal while you’re waiting for your morning coffee to be ready. Some morning activities require you to sit and be still with a clear mind, some you can multi-task. Only you know what activities fall into which category for you.

White Tulip Shaped Dress with Pockets

A bonus tip for my 9-5ers who already wake up in the morning super early. What are you doing with your lunchtime? Please, please, please step away from your desk and reclaim your lunchtime!

Go outside, breathe fresh air, go for a walk, do a quick workout if you can. But take yourself out of the office or at least pry your eyes away from the screen during lunch. It’s for the best.

21-day manifestation challenge

Hopefully, these morning tips were helpful and you found a new trick to having yourself the best day ever. If it was helpful to you please let me know and if you have any tips yourself please share in the comments! I am always looking for ways to improve my mornings so I can have my best day ever!

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  1. This is something I struggle with and primarily because I do not get into bed before midnight. I would say it does take some discipline as in going to bed at a moderate time and hands on prepping some stuff the night before…Great tips!

  2. Another non-morning person here and I agree, waking up at 5am is quite startling but that’s my life now. I use the waking up 10 minutes earlier and prepping the night before quite a bit. I love these tips and I love your dress.?

  3. Great tips! I believe waking just an extra 10 minutes earlier helps to put a nice start to the day, as you are not hustling to get out of the door. Just those 10 minutes of leisure is nice.

  4. Ah, those extra 10 minutes in the morning are a must. Even though it doesn’t seem like enough time for self-care but having a bit of leisure in the AM is just enough to start out the day right.

  5. I have found that as a mom, it’s important to do what works for me. I’ve read a lot of books on this too, but I follow more of a similar schedule to what you do because waking up before my 2-year-old isn’t always an option!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I strongly dislike mornings. The one thing that does help me get going is also one that you suggested: Waking up a little earlier. I start my morning early and spend the extra time going through social media notices, email, etc. This helps me slowly “come to” and makes it easier to get going. I am not a “leap out of bed and hit the ground running” type at all, and I never will be.

  7. So glad that you are taking a balanced approach to this! I am a morning person, but I know that not everyone is. One thing I always advise people is to take advantage of the hours when they are most productive every day. I am a morning person, so I need to do my most important work in the morning. That means, I try to leave my cleaning, errands, and other (mostly) mindless activities for the afternoon and evening when I’m naturally less productive and focused.