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9 Ways to Stay in Good Vibes and Lead a Happy Life

Ever find yourself wondering how to be happy? It’s a weird question but really it isn’t. Sometimes we come across people that seem to always be happy and wonder how it is that they can just always be feeling happy!

Sometimes we want to yell stop it! Stop being so happy! When really, we may be wanting it for ourselves because it looks kinda good.

how to find happiness

A couple years ago I was in a really happy place. I radiated positivity and light and people around me knew it and felt it and my friendships and relationships were all so much better because of it. Even on the blog people were realising it and were so happy for my happiness.

I was attracting lots of good things because of my happiness. I met a great fellow, I got an awesome job offer, I was losing weight and my skin and hair were so happy!

Slowly my energy drained and I wasn’t so happy anymore. This didn’t happen overnight. But one day I woke up and realised I wasn’t happy anymore.

That’s when I decided to take stock. How did I get into that happy space and how can I get back? I did a lot of reading, soul-searching and internal work to find out how to be happy. I didn’t want to only know how to be happy in life, I wanted to know how to stay there. I wanted to document it all so I could refer to this everytime I felt myself start to drift again.

Now I’m sharing with you.

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How to Be Happy and Stay There

1) Living in Gratitude

Whenever I feel myself starting to wander off into a place of worry or sadness, I remind myself that life isn’t so bad. I stop and take a look at the things I was able to do today. The simple things like eat, drive to pick up my daughter, take a warm bath, pick up my phone and call my mom.

Nobody likes to hear that life could be worse when we’re sad but if we choose to focus on what’s good in our life instead of what’s bad, it can make a world of a difference. My life would be incredibly more difficult without the ability to do those simple things I listed earlier, so I give thanks for them when I’m in a place of despair.

2) Connect With Nature

Like I said in this post about how to quickly turn your mood around when you’re having a bad day, connecting with nature is a powerful moodbooster. Something as simple as taking a walk outside in the warm sunshine has the ability to set our mind at ease oftentimes.

I am blessed to live in a country where the sea is never far away because the presence of water, any body of water, can heighten this tenfold. If you can, get near water when you’re feeling down. Be at one with your thoughts and work through the issues you’re having internally. The healing power of water will guide your thoughts.

If it’s cold where you are now, then maybe take a drive. Get out of town for a bit if you can or simply take a quick drive around in a new neighbourhood. Allow your mind to wander and stop often to look around you.

how to be happy with yourself, connect with nature

3) Drop Low Vibe Consumption

For me, this meant my beloved addiction to Love and Hip-Hop. That show is T.R.A.S.H. and I needed to take a moment to disconnect from it to come into alignment with a happier, higher vibration.

For you, it could be low vibe friends who bring gossip and mischief into your life. It could be your party schedule or your alcohol consumption (I had to regulate this for myself a bit tighter too.) It could even mean the music you listen to or the accounts you follow on Instagram.

Drop anything that’s not serving your desire to become happy and positive. Clean up the clutter in your mind, at least until you’re in a space where you can observe it without participating or judging.

4) Stop Comparing Your Life to Others

Speaking if Instagram, remember that comparison is the thief of joy and Instagram is only a highlight reel. No one is putting up their struggles, their losses and their ugly moments. You’re only seeing the wins, the highlight and the pretty.

Trust that you are exactly where you need to be at this particular moment in time. Look around at all that you have to be grateful for. Know that your breakthrough is coming and that if you put in the mental work to make it happen the rewards will be so sweet.

You were chosen to walk this exact path for a reason and it will be revealed to you bit by bit as you go along. Just keep going. Seek validation from no one but your higher source and just keep going.

How to be happy with yourself, how to be happy in a relationship, happiness pictures, happiness quotes, happy thoughts, happy people, how to be happy
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5) Get a Full Night’s Rest

Are you a part of #TeamNoSleep? That’s a whack team to be a part of. Beloved, trust me when I say that you can work smarter, not harder, to achieve your goals. Trust me when I say you do not need to be at it all through the night thinking that if you don’t then you’re going to fail.

A well-rested mind is so much more useful to you and your body. Set your goals for the day each day and focus on completing them. Try to limit distractions and be realistic with what you can accomplish in one day. Then, make sure to get at least 7 hours sleep. I am absolutely groggy and no use to myself or anybody else when I lack sleep.

Here are my tips to get the most out of your mornings especially if you’re like me and not particularly fond of early mornings. I don’t follow my own tips every day but honestly, I try to because I feel SO much better and get so much more done when I do.

6) Read Better Books

Or take up a book if you don’t read any at all. Expand the mind, expand your thoughts and the realms of your imagination with books. Whether you want to read fiction or non-fiction, I’m a huge advocate of reading and ensure my little one loves it as much as I do.

What I read tends to be formed but what stage of life I’m currently in. Right now I’m reading lots of books about blogging and how to make money blogging. I’m also reading self-help books about having the right mindset for success and abundance. The mind is a muscle we have to put to use every day to keep sharp!

Live, love, laugh
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7) Take Short Courses

This is along the line of reading but gets even more targeted. There’s always something to learn and since I’m not planning on going back to formal education again, I try to keep my mind sharp by always learning something.

What are you interested in? There’s a course out there for everything from the Wonders of Ancient Egypt to public speaking to molecular evolution! Learn conversational Spanish, how to negotiate or mediate conflict or how to make crochet blouses.

Sign up for something on Coursera or Udemy and take a short course every month. Keep adding to your skills, you’ll never know where they may take you!

I’ve just today thought it would be awesome for munchkin and I to learn how sign language so that when she’s on a stage feeling unsure of herself I could sign comforting things to her. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

8) Journaling

I wrote a whole post on how powerful journaling is and how I used it to manifest my exact apartment that I now live in. The truth is that not only can journaling help you to manifest the life you desire, it can help you to break through any blocks and limiting beliefs you may be holding onto.

In this particular search for happiness, I broke through a huge block of resentment I was carrying around that I thought I had long released through journaling. (Here’s a course on healing through journaling.)

It didn’t happen overnight either. But the more I wrote and made little discoveries into what I was writing and connecting it with my day to day actions, the more things started to pour out all over the pages of my journal.

It truly was so powerful. I felt a huge moment of joy, of release, of enlightenment. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulder and I felt I was ready to actually make a step towards the life of abundance and happiness I seek.

Your journal doesn’t have to be anything fancy. I have several fancy ones with daily prompts etc but the one I fall back on for my most personal breakthroughs is an old 5-subject notebook I’ve had for years. This is also one of my faves since it comes with refillable pages.

Many people do not connect with meditation, I am one of them. I still try it out very often and I do guided meditations when I can’t get my mind to be still. But journaling I have connected with and it works miracles in my life. It can’t hurt to try.

My happy baby
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9) Detoxify and Maintain a Clean Diet

The last one is so near and dear to my heart. When I started to make and drink green smoothies every day the benefits were vast! I no longer knew what a cold or flu was, my skin was clear and glowy, I lost the most weight I ever have in my adult life and I was just generally feeling very light and sexy with myself.

I’m not saying you have to drink green smoothies at all. But I am advocating for you to clean up your diet. Eat foods as close to their natural state as possible. Eat foods picked from a tree, dug up out the ground and reared in as humane a manner as possible and prepared as healthy as you can get.

I’m not vegan by any stretch and don’t want to argue with those that are. I’m not advocating for you to become vegan, I’m advocating that you switch out some of the foods you eat that come from bags and boxes to natural state foods. Let your food be your medicine, it’s so much more cheaper than a hospital stay.


How to be happy with yourself, how to be happy in a relationship, happiness pictures, happiness quotes, happy thoughts, happy people, how to be happy
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I hope you enjoyed my top tips for being happy in life and maintaining this happy feeling. As I found out, being happy is something that you consistently need to work on. In my search to find out how to be happy again, these are all the things that keep me in the vortex. I hope you’ll share this article if it helped you.

Now it’s your turn, how do you maintain your happy every day?

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18 thoughts on “9 Ways to Stay in Good Vibes and Lead a Happy Life

  1. I love these tips. FOMO and constant comparing is so common nowadays that it’s no wonder sadness and depression is on the rise. These are some really great tips that hopefully help offset that.

  2. great piece! I am with you on meditation. It is tough for me. But I love all of these tips, and it is so important to constantly take stock of where you are in your happiness scale. Good for you for checking in and getting it back.

  3. This is wonderful! I’ve been on this journey for a few years now and have used so many of these tips to clean up my vibe (and now share with my clients as well) – it’s amazing the change and how incredible my life is now! Thank you for sharing! I’ll share your post on my business facebook page! πŸ™‚

  4. This was such a lovely post! What touches me most is that you care enough about the happiness of others to share your thoughts. Also, you look so radiant in that blue dress!

    I find that when I do all of the above, I am much MUCH happier. Here’s a tip for the meditation piece: Download the Simple Habit app. It has a ton of guided mediations and has really kept me on track.


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