Best Crystals for Manifesting

The Best Crystals for Manifesting Your Best Life

Crystal jewelry is my fave. I’ve loved crystals before I knew of their power and now that I have been more purposefully using the Law of Attraction and manifestation in my life, my love of crystal jewelry makes so much sense.

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When manifesting your desires, there are tools and techniques we can use to help with the process. Crystals can be very powerful tools for manifesting your goals and desires into reality.

Because of their ability to hold and emit energy, crystals (along with other gemstones) can be used in the manifestation process to bring clarity, focus and positive energy to you while balancing out any negative emotions that may be surrounding your desires.

There are a variety of crystals and gemstones that work well for manifesting, but the ones listed below have been found to be some of the best.

The Best Crystals for Manifesting the Good Life

These top crystals for manifestation can help you clear out any blocks or obstacles in your way with powerful force. Additionally, they can provide you with important affirmations/reminders of what it is you desire. I love to pass a mirror and spot my earrings or gently touch my pendant throughout the day.

If you’re new to crystals, pick just one or two from this list. Do a small cleansing whenever you receive a new crystal, and charge it with your own intention when you are ready for manifestation. This way, the energies of the crystals will be aligned with you specifically as opposed to another person who may have been in contact with it during its travel to you.

“The Universe always has unlimited power. We only limit the ability through our own doubts, fears and resistance.” ― Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

So, what are the best crystals for manifestation? Let’s find out!


Amethyst is a beautiful purple crystal that can help you manifest your desires in a variety of ways. It’s a powerful manifestation crystal that works by helping to cleanse your mind and body of negative emotions, feelings and influences.

During cleansing, this purple stone will balance your chakras so you can get rid of any negative energies surrounding the desire you intend to manifest.

Additionally, Amethyst is known as a “dream stone” because it is believed to help the wearer/holder dream vividly. So, if you’re unsure of what you want or dreaming about what it is you desire will bring more clarity, this crystal can help you with that.

Amethyst has also been known to dispel any negative thoughts surrounding your manifestations while boosting your confidence in attaining them and your trust in yourself.

Amethyst crystals are available at crystal shops and online stores like this one!

Clear Quartz Crystal

Our next crystal for manifestation is Clear Quartz which is another powerful rock used in manifesting desires. It’s considered one of the most important crystals for those who practice Reiki and other forms of healing because it has the ability to balance the energy fields of the body by emitting healing frequencies.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to cleanse your Clear Quartz crystals regularly so they can be in alignment with you when you need them for manifesting. One thing about Clear Quartz is that they are able to align themselves with other stones and will take on their energies if not cleansed or charged properly.

Like Amethyst, Clear Quartz has also been said to help the holder/wearer dream more vividly. If you want to use this crystal for manifestations, it’s best to get one that is pure and raw like this one.

Rose Quartz

The next crystal on our list is Rose Quartz which helps in relationships (romantic or otherwise). It promotes love, compassion, empathy and trust while simultaneously balancing out any negative emotions that may be surrounding your desire.

Rose Quartz is considered one of the “love rocks” because it helps bring in more love and positivity into your life/situation. It can help widen beliefs about what you deserve in order to attract more self-love as well as love for others.

The stone has been known to increase feelings of self-worth and personal value so if you’re not feeling confident with yourself at times, Rose Quartz can balance those energies out and make you feel better emotionally and physically overall!

You can find a variety of Rose Quartz crystals here.


If you want a crystal on our list that’s only used for manifestation, Sodalite is your best bet! This stone helps balance out any excess energies in the chakras that may be holding you back from reaching your desired outcome.

This crystal has been known to boost optimism and self-confidence while simultaneously helping boost motivation. They can also increase confidence in achieving goals while boosting physical endurance with this crystal.

Sodalite also helps improve clarity so they’re perfect for manifesting desires when you know what it is you want but are having trouble figuring out how to get there. In addition to all of these incredible properties, this purple crystal can help with relationship problems (not just romantic ones!) and will attract more love and intimacy into a relationship or situation if needed. You can find Sodalites that are not expensive at this link here.


Our next rock for manifesting desires is Aquamarine which is a beautiful blue-colored crystal that has been known to protect those who wear it or keep it in their environment from negative energies and surround you with positive ones instead. It’s also said that this stone will help bring more clarity and objectivity into your life/situation so you can be more sure of what to do about the situations surrounding your desired outcome. They’re also said to encourage good judgment so if you ever find yourself making rash decisions, working with an Aquamarine will help prevent that!

In addition to these spiritual properties, Aquamarine crystals have also been known as “screw-loose” stones because they help loosen up any tight knots in your life whether they be physical, mental or emotional. They are also a great stone to use for healing and will bring more clarity into your mind when you need it most! You can purchase Aquamarine crystals here.


Another crystal on our list for manifesting is Amber which helps balance out extremes while providing the wearer with protection from both negative energies and extreme situations (whether they be physical, mental or emotional). This piece stone has also been known to boost confidence while encouraging independence so if you need something in order to try something new, this one may be perfect for you!

Ambers have also been known as protection stones if you’re ever feeling vulnerable or weak and want to feel less exposed to the world around you. You can purchase amber here.


I’ve just received my first bit of Moldavite and have been very impressed with all my reading about this very rare stone! It is known as an awakening stone because of its intense energies. If you’re having trouble reaching your goals then working with this green crystal will help awaken your motivation, determination, ambition and willpower so that you can reach your desired outcome much easier.

Moldavites are said to bring clarity into situations where those emotions may be lacking such as during decision-making processes so if you need a little extra push when it comes to considering options/choices, this stone, which isn’t really a crystal because of how it is formed (when a meteor hits the earth) may be perfect for you.

In addition to these properties, Moldavite stones are also said to attract new experiences into your life which is why I think they’re perfect for manifesting! Mine is in the form of a necklace and I am reminded of the fact that new things happen every day if you allow them too whenever I touch my pendant so this stone works perfectly in an area where you’d like to be inspired daily. Moldavites are rare and so can be rather expensive. Look for one here.


Citrine is known as both a prosperity stone and a success stone because of how they boost motivation and improve chances for reaching goals/desires.

Citrine has also been known as a cleansing stone that will help clear out any negative energies and situations from your life that may be holding you back from success! If you’re feeling stuck or unfocused, this may be just the rock for you. You can find a Citrine here.


Next our list of crystals used specifically for manifestation is Labradorite which helps bring clarity into situations by providing more insight and objectivity. It’s also said to encourage inner strength and motivation while helping the wearer achieve their desires much easier/quicker than normal.

Labradorite is also used to protect the wearer from heavy energies while helping them become more aware of any external forces that may be preventing their desires/goals from coming to fruition. This stone will help increase your self-confidence and encourage independence as well! You can find Labradorite here.


Last but not least on our list, we have Selenite which is referred to as a cleansing stone for manifestation because it helps clear away energy blocks when placed in rooms where negative vibes are plaguing you and others around you. This crystal can be used to cleanse other stones and will work best if placed near doors/windows so remember that placement if you decide to purchase this crystal! You can find selenite here.

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