I love hair colour. I’ve been addicted to colouring my hair ever since I left high school and started relaxing my hair. It’s mostly been some shade of blonde, I’ve never really liked red, wasn’t bright enough and trying to get it bright started to look clownish to me. See what I mean?

I decided to try red while my hair was short to see if I’d like it. That first attempt is here. Not enough impact so I decided to try and lighten my hair first and then henna over it again to get that bright red henna result. Hopefully.

The problem is that henna stays on your hair. It grows out, it doesn’t wash out. I should have just gone to my stylist and allowed her to bleach my hair but nooooooooo miss DIY that I have become I’ve been applying box colour to my hair and I haven’t been getting the best results. Watch the video below…

So what direction do you think I should go?


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