How to Care for Color Treated Natural Hair

Are you like me and love a little color in your hair? Throwing color into your healthy hair journey can be a slippery slope.

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It can be so hard to keep it moisturised, right? But as much as I love bleaching my hair, I’ve tried a lot of different things to make sure my hair stays nourished through it all. I’m sharing my best tips in this post to grow long, healthy, natural hair even with hair colour.

Blonde bob natural hairstyle

My Healthy Hair Journey with Color Treated Natural Hair

I think there’s a lot of pressure on naturals to not do anything to our hair in order to truly call it natural. Never wear a blowout, never bleach your hair, don’t use too much heat.

Where’s the fun?! I’ve done it all to my hair and then some because I like to switch things up. You can definitely have long, healthy natural hair without following all the rules. That said, you want to at least adhere to the bare minimum. Below is my version of that.

Satin Bonnet for Everyday Shiny Hair

Sleeping with a satin bonnet is an absolute must. (I love this one since it’s reversible and adjustable.) Tossing and turning on a cotton pillow will dry out every cream, butter and oil situation and will cause a snag here and there too. I know it’s not cute when #bae is over so you may want to get some satin/silk pillowcases as well. They’re necessary for those nights when you want to just lay your head down looking all soft and dewy. 😉

Night Twisting or Protective Styling

Me with a twistout after wearing my hair in twists all week.
Me with a twistout after wearing my hair in twists all week.

I get it because I certainly DO NOT have the discipline to twist up my hair every night. I try to twist my hair on a Sunday after wash day and keep those twists in all week but if I take them down any time before? Child please, retwisting ain’t happening.

On those nights, I try to pull my hair into a puff on top of my head then satin wrap or bonnet. Retwisting is GOAT though if you have the time to do this at nights. Spritz the hair with a mixture of oil, leave in conditioner and water and do 5 or 6 big twists for a chunky look or more twists for more definition.

Deep conditioning

This is a must for me because I have bleach in my hair and will probably be bleaching it forever X_X. The average person should still try to deep condition natural hair at least monthly but if you’re having a moisture issue, amp that up to bi-weekly until you’re satisfied with your routine and feel you can drop it back.

This is my favourite deep conditioner mix for my hair but feel free to try those on the market if you’re not big on DIY. This is my favourite store-bought line (I reviewed this deep conditioner here) which also gives me soft, shiny hair.


Best Hair Moisturizer Tips: How to care for hair color. DIY hair moisturizer plus my favourite productsIf you’re like me and avoid shampoos, only using conditioner to cleanse the hair weekly, then you will have a bit of buildup. This leaves your hair dull and not responding well to your favourite products. Time to get rid of all that gunk with a clarifying shampoo.

A DIY option is rinsing your hair with a mix of organic apple cider vinegar and water after co-washing. This will get your hair squeaky clean and shiny and restores your hair to its natural pH balance, ready to absorb leave-in conditioners and stylers.

Adding Moisture Between Wash Days

If you wear a lot of wash and gos like I do, then it’s important to keep adding moisture to your hair between wash days. I like to spray my hair with a bit of water, add a light leave-in conditioner like this one and then add a very light oil to seal this in. Avocado oil is great for this use. (I wrote about the benefits of avocado oil for hair, here.)

Those are my basic tips for retaining moisture on longer hair. It’s really easy with shorter hair, I simply co-washed in the shower more often or sprayed with water to refresh. Spraying with water brings a whole different set of problems for my longer hair. Do you have any tips to add to this list?


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