Wash and Go Routine for 3C Blonde Natural Hair

It’s been a while since I updated my hair regimen on here and now is the perfect time seeing that I’m currently rocking blonde tresses and some of you have been asking how I maintain it. I am still mainly a wash and go type of girl mostly because… lazy. I would love to do more twistouts since I like the look when my hair is stretched but I have not been able to master them. My hair comes out extremely trashy whenever I try to do a twistout, I need to look back on a few of my favourite youtubers and see what it is that I’m not doing right. Anyway, I have surely mastered the wash and go and I get the stretched look after a couple days anyway! So here’s what I do.

IrieDiva Wash and Go for 3c Natural Hair

How my wash and go looks when it comes out right! I use shampoo maybe once a month or once every six weeks or really once every whenever I remember or I have to stop and ask myself how long it’s been. I cowash (wash with conditioner only) once a week however. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner remains my favourite conditioner to use as it gives me the most slip and lather when I’m cowashing my hair however Pricesmart has stopped carrying the family size and I refuse to buy the tiny little bottle elsewhere for an arm and a leg. I’ve since tried the Tresseme conditioner, the Dove, the Pantene and the Suave which all pale in comparison so I am STILL trying to find the perfect cowash conditioner to replace my beloved HEHH. The Suave isn’t horrible though, this is the one I am currently using:

It hits a few fave naturalista buzz words like Almond and Shea Butter but it is a whopping $15 less than the Herbal Essences on Amazon.com so you know it’s not even in the same class. I dunno when Herbal Essences found itself in the expensive aisle, must be thanks to all us natural heads who love the stuff. It used to be nice and cheap so you could use it for all your detangling needs which it is so perfect for. Sigh. Anyway so I cowash and then apply my leave-in conditioner. This has been a day one holy grail and has not failed me yet. I’ve re-upped on it a few times now after trying some other leave-ins to see if there was anything better:




It is a great all-natural leave-in and detangler, works wonders on combing through the kinks in munchkin’s hair. It however cannot be used on it’s own. It’s way too light but it does a good first job. It makes your chosen styler work even better. My favourite styler is the Jane Carter joint below.

This here is the business. Don’t try to use it on it’s own, it gets a little crunchy so don’t be cheap and only use one or the other. They work together. And don’t fall for the “curl defining cream” on the label thinking it means it will give you curls, it’s going to define the curls you already have, not give you curly joints if you don’t already have that. But it is absolutely amazing at moisturizing your situation. I ran out and decided to give another product that was a little more pocket friendly a try.
This has been doing an OK job. It’s not as hydrating to my curls as the Jane Carter but did well enough for me to repurchase when it ran out since the Jane Carter runs a pretty penny here. Munchkin’s hair, which is kinkier than mine, loves it too so if you have a tighter curl go ahead and give it a try.

When I’m done with all that then I seal in the moisture with either my shea butter mix or some Jamaican Black Castor Oil which is thick enough to use as a sealant on its own though some prefer to thin it out a little (and maybe mask the smell) with a lighter oil like jojoba, olive or avocado. You’ll notice I didn’t mention coconut oil, neither is it an ingredient in any product listed here so if you’re like me and find that the holy grail for many naturalistas actually leaves you with trashy ends and a terrible break out then these products are for you.

After applying all these products to my hair, the next step is really to ensure that I keep my fingers out my hair while it air-dries so that the curls can clump together and give me a defined wash and go. If you’re going for big hair that’s less defined then this isn’t an issue for you. After day one, I pull my hair up in a puff and wear it like that for a couple days, only spritzing my hairline with a mixture of water, conditioner and oils to lay the edges flat in the mornings. If I take it down midweek, the hairline is usually straight so I spritz again and reseal to add life back to the curls. It usually ends up looking like this on those subsequent wash days


Notice how it’s now longer because it’s been stretched up in a puff for a couple days. It’s also less defined and giving me big-hair frizzy goodness. Embrace the frizz. It’ll still be soft and bouncy because of the products used.

So that’s my current wash and go routine! I hope it helps if you’re looking for tips and if you have any suggestions for a cowash conditioner, I’m all ears!


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5 thoughts on “Wash and Go Routine for 3C Blonde Natural Hair

  1. I haven’t done the wash and go thing in a while because my curls are not as defined and gorgeous as yours…but the product that works for me is the Design Essentials Curl Stretching Creme, which runs about $1200 for the large container in most large pharmacies. When I use it, it works 10x better than anything else at enhancing curls.

    Never tried Jane Carter though, but I probably will thanks to you. Thanks for the recommendations 🙂

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