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Hey y’all! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!! How’d you ring it in? I had an amazing night with just family, it was perfect. Went to the waterfront Downtown Kingston and watched the fireworks, though munchkin was terrified of them! We went home after and put munchkin to bed, enjoying our own private backyard party courtesy of a shindig nearby that had some good music and fireworks as well!


But enough of that, let’s talk hair! I was so excited to get a blowout and a trim over the Christmas holidays cause I knew I had some serious length going on so I’d have a cute bob if I blew it out. I also knew I was about to lose a lot of my precious length because my hair was very uneven since I big chopped and have been trimming it myself, so I made up my mind to just go get it professionally cut and start all over. This was not an easy decision, you know how bored I’ve been with the shorter lengths, but a good cut sets the foundation for a good ‘fro shape as it grows out so I went ahead. It’s just hair, it grows back and once it grows I’ll have lots of time to play around with it, I decided to enjoy this time of ease and quick drying!


My hair all blown out and ready for the snippage. This last DIY colour job also damaged some of my old, tired ends, I won’t lie. And so I needed this cut. But I am so happy with my new strawberry blonde colour that I was willing to let go some length for it. Ready for the big reveal???

20121221_161319 20121221_161334 20121221_161337 20121221_161356 20121221_161517 20121221_205551 20121221_205731

Straight fire! I am so in love with the back, right? My aunt said I looked like Lady Gaga…gag, but ok lol. If you look at the second pic, you can see where the cut was extremely asymmetrical.  The top was way much longer than the sides and this wouldn’t fare well when it went back curly, which happened the same damn night. Went to a party that got lots of rain, but we were enjoying ourselves too much to move. Sigh. I absolutely love the mix of red and blonde though. I snipped off the damaged ends that were too long and I think I have a great shape now, what say you?


I’m trying to behave myself and stay away from bleaching it for another 6 months at least. I can’t promise that I won’t slip a little pink/purple rinse through it again though, that was my fave! Are you feeling the cut?

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