Henna Red Head – Tales of My Second Henna Application

After my first henna application, I still wanted more colour so I decided to try another box colour over my henna. That was a miserable fail and I ended up with a copper colour I was not feeling.

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So after that dilemma of having orange hair, I decided to slap some henna on my head and give it a break from all the colouring. That was, after all, my second box colour in as many months. The decision to do yet another henna prompted by seeing this picture on my Tumblr:

I decided that I didn’t have to go much brighter than that, the brown-red colour was looking like a good option for me to save the orange fail. I figured if I hennaed my hair then I’d get something similar. I even mixed some beetroot juice in my henna mix just to try and ensure a nice red.

I know it seems like I was doing the absolute most on my newly natural hair, but I loved the results of my last henna and figured it would be a saving grace. Henna adds strength to your hair and is touted for stellar conditioning treatments which I can attest to.

Here’s what I got:

Henna Treatment number 2

In the sunlight, it’s a bright beautiful head of red-orange curls. They say you need to give henna a few days to “set” to see the true colour but I can’t imagine it being much different from this.

The issue I had last time of curl loosening from henna isn’t affecting me as much this time around. I am happy for that.

Are you feeling the red mop?

Henna for natural hair

 See my final henna for natural hair application to date here. The colour hair was absolutely gorgeous! By this time, my hair was medium length and loving the henna benefits.

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  1. I really like the result! I have recently done something similar, colored my hair an orangey brown color and plan to henna maybe this weekend. I kinda want to enjoy this color for a couple weeks first.

  2. I love it! I want to Henna my hair so bad but I’m scared I’ll mess it up somehow… LOL! Your hair is gorgeous.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  3. Hey loving the colour. Planning to henna my hair as well but I have relaxed hair so I need to ensure it BAQ type. Just wondering about the one you used in your hair, did you buy it in Jamaica if yes where and what brand? Was it Body art quality ?

    1. Hi Monifa,

      I did buy body art quality henna from House of Spice in Marketplace on Constant Spring Road in Kingston. Sadly, I don’t remember the brand right now but I read i needed BAQ so I made sure to get that. The colour was nothing to write home about, it needed enhancements to get to this stage but surely with repeated applications it will make a difference.

  4. How much did you pay for the henna? They wont quote me a price over the phone and I don’t wanna waste my time going there if it’s too expensive.