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From Curly to Straight: Natural Hair Versatility

Loving the versatility of natural hair! It took me a while but I finally got around to my annual blowout and trim session. Trimming our ends is so important for growth and just maintaining the health and shine in our hair because those old ends look real trashy and tired no matter how you spice your hair up and once they start travelling up the shaft of your hair, that’s a wrap. Especially with colour in your hair that makes it dry and vulnerable, extra care and the occasional trim is essential.

Natural Hair Blowout and Flat Iron

Oooooweeee look at growth! I couldn’t stop playing in it too, it was so silky smooth and the colour looked amaaaaaaazing straight!

20150220_174738 20150220_205414

I went to the stylist I used when my hair was relaxed. Her name is Cadey and she’s currently located in King’s Plaza. I must say I got a little worried as no heat protectant was used, next time I’ll bring one because at this length I can’t really afford to play around anymore. It was also fun to see everybody else’s reaction to my straight hair. Guys especially. They love them some straight long hair. SMH. They were tripping all over themselves.


Or maybe that was the bootay. 😉 It was a welcomed break, I’ll admit it. It felt so good to be able to detangle my hair in two seconds and throw it up in a ponytail for my night’s rest. It also lasted forever too. I even braved a soca party with my hair straight and you know soca parties mean endless dancing and the place was hot! The back of my hair did start to revert but it was fine for the most part. Here I am a full two weeks later when I decided to wash it out because it was starting to itch me.

20150304_195536 IMG_20150305_224108

Still so sleek and straight! And it was still fairly light and had movement too. But I was over it! The last time I blew out my hair was a whopping December 2013, crazy huh? Here’s what it looked like then:

20131207_172752 20131207_172757 20131208_034545-MIX

Got me some inches! At my current length I’m not too far away from what my longest was when I was relaxed, so interesting times ahead. I can’t wait to see how my hair progresses over this year and what the length fairy will bring me. Of course, I am planning to colour it again soon so that will affect it somehow but I will go to a professional this time to keep the crazy to a minimum. I’ve come a far way, can’t be dropping bleach in my hair myself all willy-nilly now! I’m already back to curly and not too much damage done. Win!


Loving the shape coming out of the trim too. I almost wanted to cut bangs but I’m not crazy. See yah next year Mr. Flat Iron Sir!

Gone with the wind, faaaabulous
Gone with the wind, faaaabulous



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