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So as I mentioned in Day 1’s post, I was in Ashe while in high school. When you’re in Ashe or any performing arts company I imagine, everybody wants to be the diva. The diva is the one who gets all the solo’s and signs more autographs. The diva can also be the one with the stankest attitude. Contrary to popular belief, me and stank attitude don’t get along too well. I’m not the stuck up diva, I’m the life of the partaay! Especially after a few dranks but lets not get sidetracked. So I decided to call myself iriediva. It wasn’t a nickname per se…I used it as my very first email address way back when hotmail messenger and chatrooms were hot. Everywhere I signed up anywhere online, I used it as my username and finally when I started to blog 3+ years ago I used it as my blogname.

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A few people do call me irie, but I like to think of it as my way of life more so than a name. I’m powering through life without stepping too hard on anyone’s toes. I am that DIVA, but I aint got a stick up my ass.

I dunno why come I’m taking definitions of the meaning of the word irie from urban dictionary…what they know bout being irie anyhow, but i’ll take it. It works. They say irie means: “to be at total peace with your current state of being. The way you feel when you have no worries.” No problem mon! Irie!

As for the name Monique. They say its a french version of monica and means “wise” and “advisor” and stuff. Hmmm. I’ll take it.

I haven’t done much digging around when it comes to my last name and my lineage but there’s a clan matheson running around and even family crests:

I wonder what the family views are on 3rd cousin 5th removed moniquematheson? Wonder if she gets lots of business via her site…..

And why’d her name have to be monique too? LOL

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  1. hey IrieDiva! love the name – short, unique and memorable, glad to know how it came about now and please dont mention chatrooms and hotmail messenger again people might start calling you auntie IrieDiva 😛