How to Choose a Bouquet for Her: the Best Way to Express Your Feelings Through Flowers

How to Choose a Bouquet for Her: the Best Way to Express Your Feelings Through Flowers

The tradition of giving flowers to women goes back to prehistoric times. For instance, in the Victorian era people often expressed their feelings in flowers rather than verbally. Since then, this tradition has mostly stayed the same because now it is customary to give bouquets in honor of special events, as well as to express feelings and sympathy. Many people know that each flower has its meaning, so choosing the right flowers for her to express your feelings is definitely worth approaching seriously. 

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What is the best bouquet for her? How to choose the right flowers to tell her about your feelings? Are flowers so important to a woman's heart?

Are Flowers a Good Gift for Her?

A bouquet occupies a special place among gifts for a woman. These compositions can charm and cause deep emotions toward their giver. They bring romance into our lives and conquer our hearts. No matter what kind of bouquet you choose — red roses, tulips, sunflowers, or some others — all of them have an incredible ability to make a lasting impression on the recipient, especially women.

Flowers are the perfect companion for a romantic date. Besides, birthdays and other important events can also pass with them. Women will appreciate getting flowers for no reason. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion. Flowers’ main power is to create moments of joy, love and admiration. In addition, the bouquet can be even a gesture of apology. Therefore, if you wonder whether you should give flowers to your girlfriend, wife or just an acquaintance who you like, it is definitely yes. In addition, you can give bouquets to the lady of your heart, your mom, sister and other female relatives.

Most Popular Bouquets

We have collected the most popular options that will allow you to express your feelings towards the girl — from passion to admiration. If you are searching for the best bouquet for your favorite woman, it is worth paying attention to the following flowers.


What is the best bouquet for her? How to choose the right flowers to tell her about your feelings? Are flowers so important to a woman's heart?

It is worth choosing buds of red or pink color. Roses have long been considered a symbol of romance and love. Therefore, these bouquets are most often presented to lovers. Red roses are the embodiment of passionate and ardent love. Pink buds express appreciation, admiration and tenderness. The combination of these roses of two shades carries several messages from tender affection to fiery passion.

Each bouquet of roses carries a specific message for its recipient. Red always expresses passion. At the same time, a pink bouquet is great for more tender feelings. 


More often than not, women are presented with bouquets of white or purple orchids. It is one of the most exotic and graceful flowers that can be found in bouquets. The orchid is a symbol of sophistication, elegance and grandeur. In addition, these incredible flowers can also carry the message of beauty, love, and even luxury.

If you choose a bouquet of white orchids, it will be possible to express innocence and purity. The floral composition is best presented to a girl, about which heartfelt emotions are budding. 

If you are delighted and charmed by a woman, you can safely present her with a bouquet of rich purple orchids. It is worth noting that orchids are not often an independent component of the bouquet; they are most often combined with roses and other flowers. 


At your choice, a bouquet of tulips can be different: yellow, red, pink, purple, etc. A bright-coloured bouquet of tulips is a great symbol of tender love and affection. One of the best options is a bouquet of yellow tulips, which will allow you to express warm feelings of happiness and friendship. If you want to express love, affection, admiration, and care, then it is best to give pink tulips. In addition, you can also give a bouquet of tulips from buds of different colors.

How to Choose a Bouquet for Her: the Best Way to Express Your Feelings Through Flowers


Delicate and charming pastel carnations are a tender and pleasant way to show your feelings to a girl. The best option for a gift to a woman is buds of lavender, pink, or white colors.

Each shade has its own separate message — starting with love and admiration and ending with gratitude. Carnations can be part of a mono composition or complement other flowers. The main rule is to refuse bright shades of carnations in favor of delicate and pastel ones.


It is best to give white lilies to melt her feelings. Presented flowers symbolize purity and elegance, making the lines perfect for romantic gestures. Also, they personify grace and serenity, purity, devotion and a new beginning. If you present white lilies to a girl, they will allow you to express innocence and admiration. It is the perfect gift for a girl you admire and are subjugated by her.

As for the bouquet’s composition, lilies can be there alone. Other greenery can also complement them so that the buds look at the contrast. Also, a stem with a few lily buds without packaging as a small gesture will look very tender.


Delicate buds of peonies are amazing in their beauty and luxury. These lush flowers come in various shades, from soft pink to coral and bright fuchsia. Peonies are a symbol of femininity and romance. In addition, they allow you to express love, prosperity, and good luck in a new endeavor.

How to Choose a Bouquet for Her: the Best Way to Express Your Feelings Through Flowers

If you want to express admiration and affection for the girl, a bouquet of peonies is perfect. The velvety, delicate petals exude a pleasant aroma, and these compositions always look expensive.  


If you want to conquer the lady of your heart, then it is best to give her pink dahlias. The buds of this shade are created for romantic feats. They symbolize elegance and refinement, grace and inner strength. Soft pink dahlias show your affection, admiration, and gratitude toward a certain girl. They can be given for no reason and on special occasions.

By giving flowers to a girl, you will not fail. It is a gift and a valuable sign of attention, which everyone will appreciate. Another small tip: add to your bouquet a card with a pleasant and tender message. Express your feelings or write in one of the quotes of a hopeless romantic (no need to come up with it yourself because there is the Internet). Plus, these cards will stay for a long time, more than the bouquet itself.

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