6 Tips For The Perfect Luxury Road Trip

6 Tips For The Perfect Luxury Road Trip

You may already be used to going on road trips and are aware of its benefits. For instance, it’s much easier to collect your thoughts when driving along scenic routes, refreshing your mind. How fun would it be to explore places like the Dominican Republic through Hard Rock excursions in Punta Cana?

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Road trips allow you to find interesting destinations that other transportation modes may not allow. But what if you road-tripped in style and luxury? You would be able to enjoy the above benefits and more. You may be wondering how you can go about this. Well, you don’t have to stress yourself! Here is everything you need to know when hitting the roads in an elegant manner. 

1. For peace of mind, get travel insurance 

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The goal of luxury travel is to give you the ultimate relaxation you may have craved for a long time. But how will this be possible if you are anxious about your car getting into a fix and not having the resources to cater to it? Constantly thinking about this can cause you to miss out on the experience, defeating the whole purpose of road-tripping in the first place. Save yourself the trouble by investing in travel insurance.

With this cover, you can rest assured that no dime from your bank account will cover any expense from emergencies or accidents on the road. Therefore, take the necessary steps to acquire one before your due date arrives. However, you will not want to jump on the first offer you see. Instead, research different providers and policies to choose the one that suits your preferences.

2. Know where you wish to visit and your routes 

If you were going on a regular road trip, you wouldn’t have to worry about where you would end up. In fact, you could even choose to wing it and be spontaneous. But this is usually not the case with luxury drives. Of course, there are no rules demanding you to always plan your route before starting your trip.

But the issue is where you may find yourself after a long time on the road. The very idea of luxury tripping may lose its meaning when you end up in a dingy motel by the road or sleep in your car when there are no accommodations along your route. Therefore, avoid this by sitting down and deciding which places you wish to explore and the routes that will get you there without causing you to sacrifice your comfort. This leads to the next point. 

3. Don’t be shy to splurge on luxury sleep arrangements

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The last thing you want is to end up in the middle of nowhere without a place to sleep. Or, you find yourself in a dingy motel with a murky smell, rusted billboards, reheated foods, and less-than-ideal sleeping and bathing conditions. This would not be the luxury experience you were hoping to have, would it? To avoid this letdown, make sure there are various luxury hotels where you can spend the night when you feel tired and want to rest.

Admittedly, you may not get one with a spa or relaxing pool, but there are pretty decent hotels along the way that could give other establishments a run for their money. At least, whatever accommodation is available should be pleasant, allowing you to sleep comfortably, take a refreshing shower, and serve fresh meals.

If you find the hotel worthwhile, you can even decide to spend a few days before hitting the road, provided you have enough time to spare. But if your chosen routes are breathtaking, but there are no luxury hotels, how do you maintain your coziness? The next point will show you how. 

4. Choose the best vehicle for your adventure 

With a regular road trip, your everyday vehicle will suffice. But this may not be the case when traveling in elegance. From the vehicle to the routes and everything in between, your adventure must radiate luxury all through. So, make it a point to get comfortable models to heighten the experience. But then, it wouldn’t be feasible to buy a new car, especially if you are not financially ready for it. Thankfully, various companies offer rental services so you can travel well on a budget. And since the idea is luxury, why don’t you go all out by investing in motorhome rental? Thanks to innovation in the travel industry, you can now acquire a spacious and extremely comfortable RV to accommodate your friends, family or just you. 

You can even decide not to drive yourself- some motorhomes come with a personal chauffeur. Now, that’s how luxury road-tripping is done! Make sure you deal with credible rental firms and inspect the vehicle to see if it won’t give you trouble along the way. While at it, ask them about their terms and conditions and what travel insurance they have in place. To be on the safer side, check out online reviews from third-party sites to determine the best dealership to do business with. 

5. No road trip is complete without food and drinks 

Road-tripping without food, drinks, and snacks can be a major bore. Therefore, make arrangements for what you eat as you drive through scenic routes. Again, luxury is the defining point here, so cooking before leaving can wait. Instead, make your destinations your new kitchen.

This means trying out meals that are peculiar to whatever place you visit. You can ask around for their finest restaurants and treat yourself to delightful cuisines. Better yet, do your homework- research your destinations for their popular dining areas for a more informed decision. Make it a point to pack enough snacks; you can munch on them when hunger starts to creep up on you. 

6. Decide how you will return home 

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Now, your luxury road trip has finally ended, and you had a really relaxing experience. However, you should ask yourself if you are ready to take the road back to your home. If yes, then you can do so without hesitation. You can book a flight back to your original destination if you are already over it. You can buy a first-class ticket for a final luxury experience. 

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