3 Unforgettable US Road Trips For Women

3 Unforgettable US Road Trips For Women

Does the idea of driving to new places and engaging in adventures excite you? You are not alone. 64% of all travelers worldwide are women and their reason for traveling is to experience new adventures, according to a report in Forbes. Whether going solo or with family and friends, every woman desires a road trip that revolves around scenic beauty, unique adventures and cultural experiences, and historic landmarks. Undoubtedly, the USA is one of the excellent places for planning your perfect trip by car because of its vast and diverse landscapes. Not sure which road trip routes you should take? In this article, we’ll discuss 3 unforgettable US road trips for women.

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3 Unforgettable US Road Trips For Women

1. Pacific Coast Highway

Are you planning a thrilling drive of treacherous turns and unexpected drops, mixed with scenic views? Organize a Pacific Coast Highway road trip for mesmerizing views of the Pacific ocean, its rugged shorelines and beautiful beaches. The experiences will be memorable too. For instance, your first pit stop at Big Sur allows you to marvel and take photos of the Bixby Bridge that soars above a cliff and steep canyon. 

If you have time to stay at Big Sur, have lunch at a clifftop restaurant that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. As you head south on the highway, stop at San Simeon to watch elephant seals sunbathe, then take a detour to .Solvang town. Here, you can shop for antiques and eat a meal or buy snacks at a Danish restaurant. You can then drive to Santa Barbara to rest and refuel. Before you wind your journey in Los Angeles, to explore its dynamic neighborhoods, immerse yourself in a cultural tour at Getty Center in Malibu.

3 Unforgettable US Road Trips For Women

2. Route 66 (Illinois to California)

Your car trip through Route 66 (Mother Road) will be nostalgic as you drive through small towns, roadside diners, and gas stations adorned with old signs. Typically, for a journey that covers 2,500 miles, investing in a reliable midsize truck is wise for safety and comfort. Therefore, shop for the best midsize trucks rated by consumers for their fuel efficiency and advanced safety features. Once you’ve picked your ride, begin your journey in Illinois. Be sure to stop and take a photo of the Gemini Giant. Also, take a walk through history at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. 

Next stop is at Missouri, where you’ll connect with nature and learn the fascinating story of Time Beach, a bygone town that was bulldozed in the 80s. Other must see attractions include the Amarillo Cadillac Ranch at Texas and The Blue Hole (natural swimming home) at New Mexico. Take a detour to Arizona to get a taste of adventure at the Grand Canyon National Park. Your car trip ends at Santa Monica, where you’ll get out of the car, walk on the pier and take photos under the sign, “Route 66 End of Trail”. 

3. Blue Ridge Parkway (Virginia to North Carolina)

Interested in a short and slow drive that’s calm and surrounded by photogenic views of mountains, distant horizons, rivers, and valleys? A drive along Blue Ridge Parkway is what you need. To create lasting memories of hiking, camping, and exploring historic sites on this route, planning a weeklong itinerary makes sense. However, you can still drive through Virginia’s Appalachian Mountains to Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountains in segments if your time is limited. The key to an amazing journey on this route is planning for stops at famed attraction sites. Think of the most photographed place, Mabry Mill. Visit Blue Ridge Music Center, hike on the Linville Falls trail, and stop at Blowing Rock, where light objects cast down the gorge are thrown back upwards. 

One thing about USA road trips is an unlimited exploration of diverse natural features while you enjoy memorable cultural experiences and unique adventures. There are many routes you can choose for an amazing road trip. But, Route 66, the Pacific Coast Highway, and Blue Ridge Parkway standout as favorite road trip routes because of the alluring natural sights, historic background, and unforgettable experiences. 

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