Fun and Funny Gifts for Mom: Cheap Things She’ll Actually Use and Love

Fun gifts for mom who has everythingBuying a gift for mom isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Why? Because we need all the things.

I’ve rounded up a few things I would love to receive as a mom with a sense of humour. These fun mom gifts would actually come in very handy for me and most of my mom friends. (Some of my friends are straight prudes.)

There are some things on this list that maybe only the dads, boyfriends or partners may wanna pick up and others that the kids or friends in general can gift to mom so I’ve categorised them for you to make it easy.

Let’s jump into this list of some of my favourite things.

Funny Gifts for Mom from Dad (Or Current Partner)

For Lovers Vouchers 

I love this voucher book because it comes not with vouchers for sex and things dad will love but instead, things like alone time, breakfast in bed, do a household chore and the all-time favourite, cuddle session. Yes dad, lay your butt there and cuddle with me!

Adult Coloring Books

Maybe swearing will help? If you see that mom’s been taken in by the adult coloring craze and have found that it helps to calm and bring her peace of mind, these books will certainly be a hit. If she hasn’t tried adult colouring yet, this is a great intro.

Instead of colouring fairies and butterflies, give mom a book that may match her inner feelings a little better with words of wisdom like “go eat a bag of dicks” and “eat my a** like a cupcake”. Click any one of the book images for buying info.

Gifts for Moms from Everyone Else

I am a huge fan of journals and planners and this 52 List series is a high vibe journal if I ever did come across one. It’s a journal that will help mom with self-discovery. It’s a place to list out things like your favourite meals, favourite attributes, favourite books, favourite adventures and you can create your own lists.

Re-reading these pages will help you to discover things about yourself you probably did not know and can even help you to discover your life’s purpose. What do you enjoy doing? Can you create an income stream from it? This book may help you to discover some of these things.

Now ain’t that the truth! I can see this sign hanging in my laundry room or kitchen. It would also make a great creative DIY gift for mom if you’re a crafty person. I’m more of an Amazon prime mom than a Pinterest mom myself, no crafting for me.

Chances are that if mom is a coffee or tea lover, she’s got enough mugs. But as many mugs as I have, I could always use a mug or two! I don’t know where I find the space. However, if you gift me this mug, I might just use it to smack it upside your head. And then, we can share a laugh or two about it. 😉

This mug may cause less pain. And accompanies my side eye so very well.

Same goes for wine glasses. I’ve got enough but yes, I need this one. Coffee in the morning, wine at night. That is the schedule when you have kids. Please gift it with an awesome bottle of wine and none of this non-alcoholic crap.

Speaking of moming, why is this t-shirt so me?

A beanie with built-in Bluetooth mic and speakers? Well, alright. Now I’m wondering what’s the tropical weather equivalent because truth be told my earphones keep falling out at the gym.

Here’s an interesting idea! Ever heard mom talk about wanting to start up a little veggie garden? Or herb garden? It’s something I’ve spoken of for ages but have never actually gotten around to doing it. These little kits, and there are a bunch of em, may spur her on and it can be a fun activity for the kids too. Who wouldn’t want to watch over some purple carrots?

You’ll know whether or not mom is a bath person, I am more of a shower gal, but this bath bomb set just seems so luxurious that it might motivate me to take more baths. It’s vegan too and scented with essential oils.

Speaking of a little bit of luxury, this Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Gift Set is probably something that mom will appreciate but probably wouldn’t have purchased for herself. It comes with Almond Milk Hand Cream, Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream plus gloves to pamper those wary hands.

You know they say our hands and our neck show our age when our face may still be young and fresh so it seems like a good idea to begin pampering those hands.

Speaking of showing my age, is it geriatric that I want this wooden foot massage thingamajig? I mean, my poor feet hurt so bad after long walks for fitness that I think this is a good idea! It get’s rave reviews on Amazon too so why not?

Truth be told, the ultimate gift, if she doesn’t have one already, which I don’t, is a Kindle and an audible subscription. I read books on the Kindle app on my smartphone all the while but truly the distractions from all the notifications can be a lot. I don’t have the mental capacity to ignore messages coming in.

The Kindle Paperwhite with its perfect screen for reading, backlit light and lightweight structure seems like the perfect device for a reader like myself. Plus having the Kindle itself comes with so many benefits that simply using the app doesn’t. Benefits like being able to take advantage of tons of books included on Amazon Prime.

The Audible subscription brings everything together. I listen to podcasts when I’m cooking or working out so I’m definitely gonna grab a subscription for myself to feed my mind in different ways.

Of course, things like diamonds, rubies, perfume, gift certs to Sephora, the spa or her favourite fashion store works too!

What are you getting mom for her birthday or mother’s day? Hope you found something different on this list of funny gifts for mom.

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