Can rose quartz go in water?

Can rose quartz go in water?

There’s a common question that is asked throughout the crystal community, “Can rose quartz go in water?” This is a question that is common from new crystal collectors especially. It’s good that new crystal owners are seeking this knowledge because water is beneficial for some crystals while being quite harmful to others.

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Let’s explore whether water is an ally for your new rose quartz stones.

Can rose quartz go in water?

What Is Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz is a variety of quartz crystals with a light pink to deep red color. They are usually found in large veins in rocks and can be polished into smooth flat surfaces or shaped into spheres. Rose quartz is used for love spells, passionate romantic energy, healing friendships and professional relationships, and supporting your heart chakra to bring your intentions to the Earth plane.

Some people believe certain crystals shouldn’t be put in water for fear they will dissolve, lose their energy, or worst, absorb negative energies contained within the water.

But water baths and making crystal water have their place in the crystal community.

What is crystal water?

Crystal water is a solution made by submerging crystals in water to absorb their vibrations and energy. This solution is then used for a variety of purposes including drinking it, using it for flower essence remedies, spritzing your aura, or other uses.

This is further amplified by charging your crystals under the light of a full moon to harness that powerful lunar energy. Drinking water crystals has a number of uses which will be further looked at below.

What is the benefit of crystal water?

Many crystals have very powerful vibrational energy that can affect your body’s electromagnetic system, thinking processes, and emotions. Drinking crystal water is the most common use of this powerhouse.

It increases overall well-being by opening up your mind to positivity while also soothing your emotional body making you more receptive to positive energies. It also helps cleanse toxins from your body through natural channels during elimination so whatever negative thinking you had will disappear.

Making crystal water is also a great way to cleanse your crystal from previous energies that may remain attached to the crystal’s surface. This is good whether your crystal is new and you want to charge them for use or you would like to remove a previous intention you set with the crystal so you can start fresh on something new.

Can rose quartz go in water?

Yes, you can put your rose quartz stones directly in water without worrying about them dissolving. They are one of the few crystals on Earth not affected by running water.

The crystal will gain its positive properties from being held or submerged in the water. Rose quartz is also one of the few crystals not damaged by salt, vinegar, alcohol, or honey which makes it great for making elixirs and tinctures with as well as crystal tonics.

While looking at a crystal finder chart you may have seen a symbol for rose quartz being able to go in water. They might have even labeled it as “water friendly.” This means that your stone can benefit from being submerged in water since it will retain its luster and not absorb any negative energies from the water.

You can also consult the Mohs Harness Scale to check whether your stone is durable enough to handle being in water without fear of it breaking or damaging the stone.

Rose quartz has a Mohs hardness value of 7 out of 10, making it a fairly durable water-safe crystal. You can leave your rose quartz stones in water for an extended period of time if you choose.

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Can rose quartz go in salt water?

As mentioned before, rose quartz is one of the few crystals that can handle salt and vinegar without losing its energy. If you were to submerge your stones in salt water they will not dissolve.

However, this doesn’t mean it would be beneficial for them. You see, salt and other minerals found within saltwater like sulfur and chlorine create a corrosive environment that slowly eats away at your stone’s surface until it finally breaks apart.

This doesn’t mean salt water ruins rose quartz; it just means the stone won’t retain its luster or strength as well as if it had been submerged in fresh or even filtered water. The main reason you don’t want to use seawater on your quartz stones is because sea salts are full of sulfur and chlorine which are corrosive to quartz.

Can rose quartz go in water?

Can rose quartz go in tap water?

You might be wondering if you can put your stones in tap water or filtered water since this is what most people end up doing instead of buying a distilled water option. Tap water is also chlorinated, but it’s the same chemical responsible for killing bacteria when added to pools instead of eating away at its surface as salt does.

While crystal companies don’t usually recommend submerging their crystals in regular tap water, they do believe it shouldn’t damage them either. This means you shouldn’t have any problems with putting rose quartz stones in regular tap water. Feel free to add your crystals in drinking water whether that means tap or purified water for you.

The best water for rose quartz

There are so many different kinds of bottled water available to buy. You can find filtered, distilled, mineral, spring, natural, and even carbonated options which you might use for your rose quartz stones or other crystals.

But what about making crystal water?

If you were going to make a crystal solution using rose quartz you would want the best quality water possible since it is being used as a base for your elixir. Purified or distilled water is generally considered the best option that offers a clean slate for any of your crystals or stones that need cleansing before use.

To make your crystal water, fill your cup about halfway up. Place your rose quartz stone or stones into the cup. Pour purified or distilled water over the top of the stone until it rises to the cup’s rim.

Make sure to use glass, porcelain, or another non-reactive container; this way your crystal will not be damaged if the container is reactive like metal can be. Leave your crystal in the water overnight under a full moon.

You can leave it on a window sill if you’re wary about leaving it out in nature. Just make sure to strain it the next morning to remove any sediments from the crystal or nature.

Crystal Water Uses

Now that you have a bottle full of crystal-infused water what do you do with it? There’s an infinite number of uses from bathing in it to washing crystals with it. It can also be used as a base for your homemade beauty products or taken orally to help purify your body and even improve your mood!

Here are some ideas:

Bathing with Crystal Water

You can use this water when you take a bath, shower, or simply wash yourself every day. This is the best way to not only cleanse your body but activate a stone that is laying on a shelf without being attached to you.

Crystal Facials

If you’re looking for a quick beauty solution why not make up some aloe vera face masks with rose quartz water? Rose quartz has been known to help reduce redness and irritation from acne which makes it perfect for facial masks.

Manifesting Abundance and Prosperity

The best way to manifest anything in your life is by combining your intentions with clear visualization and creativity. The rose quartz crystal helps you visualize what you want while the water gives it a medium for manifestation through color which shows up in an elixir. Use your crystal water in your water manifestation rituals to bring forth your desires to the physical realm.

Natural Sleep Aids

Rose quartz has been known to help people sleep better especially if they have been dealing with insomnia issues. Drink your rose quartz crystal water before bedtime for a peaceful slumber throughout the night without any drug side effects.

Will my rose quartz lose its energy?

While some crystals have a history of absorbing negative energies through water baths this isn’t something to be concerned about with your new rose quartz stone. If you’re especially sensitive to crystal energy, you may feel the difference after taking it out of the water. But since water is its friend, submerging it in water will bring out its lovely energies.

So the answer to “Can I put my rose quartz in water?” is yes! Enjoy your rose quartz water and use it when drinking water with crystals for love, abundance, health and joy.

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