Top 7 Trendy Women's Jeans Styles That You Can’t Miss

Top 7 Trendy Women’s Jeans Styles You Can’t Miss

The trend of women’s jeans styles is evolving every year. Since Gen-Z are obsessed with 90’s styles, they are back in trend. From baggy pants to wide-leg jeans and classic white pants, there are many designs for you to catch up on.

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These are the latest celebrity-approved women’s jeans styles that will uplift your persona this year.

1.    Barrel Jeans

Barrel jeans look phenomenal when styled properly. If you love loose and wide-style pants, barrel jeans would be the perfect fit for you.

While many people do not like the style, A-lister celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Julianne Moore wear them. It might be the most controversial style of jeans but the comfiest one as well.

Top 7 Trendy Women's Jeans Styles That You Can’t Miss

2.    Puddle Jeans

Since relaxed jeans are in fashion this year, why not try puddle jeans with just any top? A few things that make it unique is the super-extra length, so much that it drags on the floor. The extra cloth is “puddled” around the ankle. Maybe this is where it got its name from.

You can pair them up with high heels to balance it like Kate Middleton does. However, many celebs have also worn them with flats like Zoë Kravitz.

3.    Cuff Jeans

Cuff jeans might be the easiest and most costless women jean’s style. Even if you do not have this one, you can make the regular pair of jeans into cuff jeans. As depicted by the name, these jeans are turned up from the hem, giving the look of a border at the bottom.

They come in high-rise and dark wash that looks chic. Pair them up with crisp white tees and flats to add more flare. Anne Hathaway can be seen wearing it in a wide-lagged, loose style.

4.    Dark-wash Jeans

Trendy women’s jeans styles are incomplete without mentioning dark-wash jeans that are loved by Gen-Z. You can wear them with practically any bright-colored top. The trick is to match the accessories perfectly!

On the other side, light colors also go well with dark-wash jeans. Pair them with nude footwear and a white handbag. They are available in cropped, skinny, straight-leg, and trouser styles.

5.    Wide-leg Jeans

Since Gen-Z finds 90s things nostalgic, the old baggy pants or wide-leg jeans are trending again. These can be a little bit trickier to style. You can try wearing a tank top or a long cardigan over it to make it more stylish in the true Western fashion sense. A cropped jacket and trench coat can also be classy alternatives.

If you have the slightest doubt over the trend, consider the fact that many A-lister celebs like Katie Holmes and Jennifer Lopez have been seen wearing it.

Top 7 Trendy Women's Jeans Styles That You Can’t Miss

6.    Low-Rise Baggy Jeans

These are voluminous jeans with a loose-fitting and nostalgic look. Combine them with a tailored vest and blouse for casual wear. Structured jackets with baggy pants are best for office settings.

7.    Flare Jeans

Flare jeans have also come back in action with a bang! These are the most classy, elegant, and stylish designs you can wear with any top. It looks cute and stunning at the same time.

Wear puff sleeve blouses, cardigans, fuzzy jackets, or trench coats to look more uplifted. Boots, high heels, and sandals are the best options. A Boho top with flare jeans and flat footwear is perfect for business casual dressing.


Jeans have always been in fashion and will ever be. With every generation, the women’s jeans style changes a bit. Still, some designs are evergreen, like straight pants, fitted jeans, and wide-leg jeans. You can complete the look with blazers, trench coats, tee shirts, and tank tops, depending on the event you are wearing them for.

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