My New Year Resolution: All About Living Intentionally

Let’s talk about my new year resolution or lack thereof. There’s a new buzz phrase going around and it’s the word of the year. What’s your word of the year? That’s a question I’ve seen posted on every social media network I’ve been on these past few weeks. The new year’s resolutions trend for 2018 seems to actually move away from setting new year’s resolutions since they tend to have a bad rap. When’s the last time you set and met a new year’s resolution? Kudos to you if you blew through most of your resolutions last year!

Saying buh bye to 2017 like heeeeey #newyearsresolutions

Looking back on 2017 like… 

Well, I’ve happily jumped on the bandwagon because I like the sentiment of having a word to hold onto all year long. This word guides all the choices I make and pushes me to choose better options when faced with big decisions and little ones. I’ve been testing it out since the start of the year and so far, so good! It’s also easier to remember a word or a theme that you’ve set for yourself. It becomes easier to carry it around with you to guide all your choices. It’s there, sitting on your shoulder wagging its finger at you when temptation stares you in the face.

Scrunchy bodycon blue dress with green duster

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My word for 2018 is health.

I set my intention to have the healthiest year of my life. But not only the food I eat and my physical activity levels, no no no. I mean health in all sense of the word.

Healthy mind. Better book choices, better TV consumption, better conversations with my friends.

Healthy relationships. With my friends, with my family, with my daughter.

Healthy love life. Here’s to soul-smouldering love in 2018 and beyond.

Healthy business. I’ve stepped out fearlessly into the land of online entrepreneurship and there’s no looking back now. It’s been quite an adventure so far and I’m looking forward to the ride.

Healthy bank account. With a healthy business comes a healthy bank account and I am committing to being better with money. Investing more, doing better with my accounting, knowing where every dollar comes from and where every dollar goes and being more mindful of my spending habits.

And of course, I’m excited about a healthy body!!! Owwwww

Here's my new year resolution. This is better than those new years resolution ideas you've been thinking of

I’ve already started the gym and with commitment, I will step confidently into a Carnival costume this year! Last year I was in a t-shirt section but this year I go back to the land of skimpy. Heck yeah!

In this regard, whenever I have a decision to make, I will always ask myself, which option is the healthier option? When I choose the programs I watch on TV, the outings I go on with friends, the activities I choose to partake in, the books I read, I hereby make a commitment to always first check in with myself: Is this in line with my intention of living a healthier life?

I’m not perfect and expect myself to stumble along the way at times, however I do think it’s easier to keep in mind always, the intention of being healthier and take action accordingly.

One of my friends has set her word as commitment. That is definitely something I struggle with. How many first days have I had at the gym??? Too many to count. We’re adults. We know we need to work out consistently in order to live a healthy life, ward off disease and illness, have the energy to go through our day and wear the clothes we want. So why is it so dangit hard to do this for our own self?

new years resolution inspiration: try a word for the year instead. My new year resolution, new years resolutions

We’re not doing it to benefit anybody else. I mean sure, bae will certainly enjoy the benefits of my living healthily 😉 but hello? I’m doing this for me! So why is it so hard?!

It’s because we make it hard. It’s our mindset. Willpower is one thing but we’re all fighting our minds. We know what’s good for us but punk out and take what we think is the easier route. But look, I’m all about taking the easy route too. Except I know that there’s easy that leads to the goal I’m trying to achieve and easy that leads to a path I’m not interested in.

Inspiration for your new year, have the best year yet! #Motivation #NewYearsResolution #HealthyLifestyleOnce you decide. Once you make up your mind that this is what you want and there’s nothing else acceptable. Once you change your mindset and stop fighting against your own self, you will find that the easy path to achieve what you want kinda just opens up to you and you’re not even sure how it all happened. Suddenly you’re making healthier choices without it feeling like a chore. Suddenly meal planning and prepping become second nature. Suddenly you find an activity to do that fits seamlessly into your already hectic life and before you know it you’re a health buff and all it took was thinking differently.

We’ve gotta stop fighting against our own minds and allow it to guide us down the path of least resistance.

A girlfriend in my Living My Best Life Facebook Mastermind Group shared her word of the year as showing up. I love that one! That is also something that I intend to do much more this year when it comes to my business. Stepping out as an entrepreneur with a growing blog means putting myself out there more to attract more readers who resonate with my stories and are on the same path of living their best life.

It also means sharing more of my blogging knowledge with my readers on my other blog who want to know how to grow their blogs and make money doing so. I have been attracting an amazing community there and picked up some wonderful clients in my blog coaching business all by just showing up, sharing my knowledge and making myself available to help. It’s like I tell my girlfriends all the while, Mr. Right ain’t gon show up at the door asking if we need a fiance. We’ve gotta get pretty and show up in the world to attract what we want!

So what do you think about my new year resolution idea? Did you make resolutions this year? Or did you also set an intention and choose a word for the year? Share with me and join my mastermind group if you’re looking for sisterhood and accountability partners. We’re currently sharing in a 30-day green smoothie challenge.

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  1. First time on your blog and gotta say you look REALLY good in this dress lady!! Love the colour and love your hair too. x x x